Workers Compensation


Siamak Rouzroch, MD

Fariba Bardi, DC


What is Workers’ Compensation?

If you are unable to work because of a job injury or a work-related illness, California’s  Workers’ Compensation Act addresses your medical expenses and wage-loss compensation benefits until you’re able to go back to work.

Dr. Fariba Bardi works with select attorneys who represent clients with their claims.  These attorneys are familiar with private insurance companies, the State Workers’ Insurance Fund and self-insured employers who will pay benefits including your chiropractic care.

On-the-job injuries can come from a single incident (such as a fall), or it can be the result of ongoing wear caused by repetitive motion (such as working with computers on a regular basis). In any case, you may be eligible for medical coverage under workers’ compensation insurance.  Please note that Workers’ compensation benefits do not include damages for pain and suffering.

Follow these steps:

1. If you are injured at work, report the injury or illness to your employer.

2. Make sure you notify your supervisor as soon as possible. Seek emergency care if needed.

3. If you believe your injury/illness developed overtime, report it as soon as you learn or believed it was
caused by your job.

Note: “Reporting promptly helps avoid problems and delays in receiving benefits, including medical care. If you don’t report your injury within 30 days, you could lose your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits.”  (Source California’s Division of Workers’ Compensation)

California’s Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) monitors the administration of workers’ compensation claims, and provides administrative and judicial services to assist in resolving disputes that arise in connection with claims for workers’ compensation benefits. For more information, visit

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Did you know?

Chiropractic patients get back to work sooner!
Richard Wolf, M.D. followed 500 individuals sent for chiropractic treatments and 500 individuals sent to medical doctors for treatment. Those who received chiropractic treatments returned to work in an average of 15.6 days vs. 32 days in those who received treatments from medical doctors.
Source: “Industrial Back Injury”. Wolf CR. International Review of Chiropractic


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