Siamak Rouzroch, MD

Fariba Bardi, DC


 “Dr. Bardi could comfort a hungry Tasmanian devil! Quite well skilled in preventive health.  And Dr. Rouzroch is a classically trained physician who still shows that he cares about my health!  “  Carlos H.

“Dr.’s Bardi and Rouzroch are all pretty wonderful and this includes the rest of the staff. I feel they all listen and care about us as patients and as people.  I have recommended their office to friends and family.   Thank you.”   Edith S.

“Very intelligent and fantastic doctors!”  Carmen C.

“Great staff. Excellent communication and highly empathic! “  Terence M.

“I wanted a doctor that I could get to know and who  would want to know me as a person as well as a patient.  My father was a doctor and I know his relationship with his patients…it was wonderful!  I hoped and received the same relationship here. Thanks.”  Harriet I.

“Fantastic Doctor.  Love coming in for a visit.”  Roger M.

“If you are looking for doctors that not only can take care of your acute medical problems but also help you on the path to better health with nutritional and wellness guidance, than Optimum Health Medical Center is your choice.  I am so happy that there are doctors that provide such a high level of personal care and attention. “  Also, I go in regularly for the one hour therapeutic massage which is absolutely fantastic! “Yvette M.

“Dr. Bardi and her staff are wonderful and provide the best care in follow up and health recommendations. “ Nedra C.



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