Medical Weight Loss


Siamak Rouzroch, MD

Fariba Bardi, DC



Optimum Health Medical Center’s weight loss programs has achieved high success among patients.  Dr. Fariba Bardi’s patients typically lose 5+ pounds the first week and 2 pounds each week after that.  The  customized weight loss programs include chiropractic adjustments, nutritional counseling, exercise, supplements and B-12 injections.  Ask her how you can control your food cravings! Stop yo-yo, fad dieting and learn about lifestyle changes. 

Are you fighting the “battle of the bulge” and losing?  If so, you are not alone.  Millions of Americans have excess weight and have been on countless diets with no or modest success. At Optimum Health Medical Center our medical and nutritional programs have helped our patients lose weight and regain control of their lives.

Optimum Health Medical Center’s medically supervised weight-loss programs, under the direction of Dr.’s Rouzroch and Bardi are customized based on each patient’s body composition, health and lifestyle profile.  Our programs are designed to help patients safely and successfully lose weight.  It is important to be supervised as many overweight and obese patients require medical assistance and treatment not only for their weight but also for weight-related problems, such as heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint disease, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, Type 2 diabetes and gynecological problems associated with fertility and other issues.

It has been documented that reductions in weight can help improve these conditions. At Optimum Health Medical Center we have shown that modest body weight losses of 5 to 15 percent have prevented and/or improved many of his patient’s health issues.

EXCESS WEIGHT IS MUCH MORE THAN IMAGE! IS YOUR HEALTH AT RISK? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the prevalence of obesity (BMI≥30) is growing as a significant health concern for adults, children and adolescents in the United States.  The growing rate of overweight and obese men, women and children raises concerns as the risk of many diseases and health conditions is associated with excess weight.

They include:

  • Gynecological problems (abnormal menses, infertility)
  • Metabolic Syndrome (Type 2 diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure, dyslipidemia (high total cholesterol or high levels of triglycerides)
  • Sleep apnea and respiratory problems
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Liver and gallbladder diseases
  • Osteoarthritis (bone and joint problems)
  • Cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon)

Dr. Fariba Bardi has counseled many of her patients on weight loss, maintenance and the need for proper nutrition. Dr. Bardi understands the concerns and frustrations of her patients.   But these concerns can be addressed by correcting the common causes of obesity and excess weight.

These include:

  • Consuming too many calories.
    Americans are eating way too much! Despite public education and government public awareness campaigns that encourage people to eat healthily, the majority of us continue to overeat.
  • Having plenty of food but diets that are poorly balanced.
    A diet that is poorly balanced (excess of fats and bad carbohydrates) combined with the lack of physical exercise (see below) is a major contributing factor to the obesity epidemic and a significant number of health problems, known as metabolic syndrome (hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes). Foods high in fat, refined sugars and food products increasing sweetened with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are the mainstay of many diets.
  • Leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.
    With the growing number of modern conveniences and entertainment devices (computers, video games, remote controls), the majority of us are leading a much more sedentary lifestyle compare.
    It is no secret…the less you move around the fewer calories. Dr. Bardi advises that it is not only a question of calories as physical activity has an effect on how your hormones work, and hormones have an effect on how your body deals with food. Specifically, physical activity has a positive effect on your insulin levels – keeping them stable. Unstable insulin levels are closely associated with weight gain.
  • Many of us are not sleeping enough.
    According to a growing body of research, if you do not sleep enough your risk of becoming obese doubles.  The risk applies to both adults and children. Dr. Rouzroch  seen the limit between sleep problems ranging from quality and duration of sleep linked to his overweight patients.  Dr. Rouzroch explains that sleep deprivation may lead to obesity through increased appetite as a result of hormonal changes.  Lack of sleep also results in your body producing less Leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite.  Also, there is a growing body of research documenting your body’s production of Ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite.


Our approach starts with a detailed personalized health history and metabolic (BIA) testing.  During this initial consultation, Dr. Fariba Bardi conducts a through medical evaluation for diseases related to obesity, your weight history, including past diet attempts, and any necessary blood tests that may be needed to diagnosis diabetes, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders or abnormal liver tests.

Optimal Body Weight
The best measurement for your optimal body weight is your body mass index (BMI).  BMI is a statistical measurement derived from your height and weight. Although it is considered to be a useful way to estimate healthy body weight.


Dr. Bardi guiding principle is that weight loss and optimal weight management is a partnership between her patients. She begins by building a trusting one-on-one partnership with each of her patients.  Her practice is designed around individualized, personalized care and attention. It is not a clinic atmosphere or a diet center!

A customized approach is tailored for each patient including a detailed prescription for diet, exercise, behavior modification and psychological counseling. In certain cases, medication for weight loss is prescribed by Dr. Rouzroch.


At our goal is to help our patients help themselves to live a healthy life.
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